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Slide Show and Video Combos

Leg Numbing Nano Node Tie ... Slide Show ... Video 1 ... Video 2

THESE LEG BANDING NANO RODS, TIES AND FIBERS ... have kept a major nerve in my leg numb, since an operation on the knee cap 40 years ago. These all released at the same location and over a day or so and now the banding and numbness, are all gone.

4 Inch Polymer Hip Banding Rod ... Video Link .... Slide Show Link

Huge Hip Banding Polymer Rod.

Carbon Slab Drop Out ... Video Link

Note the Crystalline "Basalt Rock" formation. Both are caused by subtle frequencies stimulating the "growth" of stones and crystals.

The Hexagram is a Saturn Generated Frequency,,,subtle but strong enough to shape stones while stimulating the molecules into a replication mode.

7 Weird Facts About Crystals and Stones ... Link

Slide Show

Solar Plexus Crystal ... Video Link

Ear Lobe Hydro Gel Clamp Node (13) Slide Show ... Video

Big Toe Mother Load Pocket ... Slide Show ... Video Link

Crystal Morph Node ... Slide Show ... Video Link

Forehead Hydro Gel pressurized flow release ... Slide Show ... Video

Gold Leaf Origami Nano ... Slide Show ... Video

Carbon Polymer Fiber Rod ... Slide Show ... Video. Grows and is structured like the basalt columns and crystal growths.

Nano Picture Albums

Vimeo Explanatory Videos

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